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Eight week 5k training program: Girls Running Strong is an 8 week running/fitness program for girls ages 9-13 culminating with the completion of a 5k (3.1miles) race.  Girls will learn the basics of running, how to set and achieve goals, proper nutrition, team building and leadership skills, as well as the importance of a good attitude, healthy lifestyle and positive self-body image.  The program meets two times per week and incorporates eight weekly character attribute lessons with specific goal setting activities.

Each practice will consist of a warm up, stretching, work out, reflection and instruction, strength exercises, and an after work-out snack. The first four weeks of training will consist of helping the girls to gradually build up their endurance.  The next 2 weeks will focus on maintaining that endurance while including strength, hill work, and core exercises, the final 2 weeks will include a focus on learning how to pace, change speed, and improve form.  Girls do not need to have any prior experience with running or cardio programs. This program is intended for the beginner or intermediate.

Every week girls will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, exercise team building skills, set both short term and long term goals, and of course have FUN....all while getting a great workout!

Note: The 8 week program is intended for the beginner to early intermediate runner

When and Where:

Practices are held 2 days per week for our 8 week 5k program in Escondido.  We meet in the parking lot just south of LR Green Elementary School located at 3315 Las Palmas Ave. Escondido which is adjacent to Kit Carson Park. 

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