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Want to stay in shape over the holidays? Join us for our next half marathon training program!

 Now offering 2 Half Marathons and 15 weeks of training!!!

Join us as we get ready for the Del Dios Trail Half Marathon on Saturday December 12th and the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday January 17th! 


Save some $$ on EARLY BIRD pricing when you sign up by July 30th!

The Del Dios Trail Half Marathon is an all trail 1st year smaller race at Lake Hodges in Escondido (this race also offers a 10k if that's more your distance).  The Carlsbad Half Marathon is one of San Diego's best! A larger race on an all road terrain.  With these 2 races you'll et the best of both worlds!!!!

Run one or run both!!! Check out the different options below.

Practices start Saturday October 3rd at 7:00am


 Program meets on Saturday mornings at 7:00am.  Run locations vary in an effort to add variety with most runs taking place in the North SD County. E-mail [email protected] for a current run location schedule. 

Scroll down for  program fees and more information


Welcome to our program designed for women of all ages.  It's pretty simple....take some time for you and leave the kids, husbands, significant others and to do lists at home and join us for a run once a week in preparation for a half marathon!  I meet women all the time that want to run a half or full marathon someday but don't know how to start, what to do, and need a group to hold them accountable and stay motivated.  We take the guess work out, keep it simple, and have a great time while getting in awesome shape!

Did you know  that you can run a half marathon in as little as 10 weeks with just 3 days of running per week?

Here's how it works: The program is 10 weeks long (2 half combo is 15 weeks) and meets on Saturday mornings at 7:00am at various locations around San Diego County (most runs will take place in the North County area and you will recieve a schedule before training begins). You'll receive a custom workout plan designed especially for you, your fitness level, and busy schedule. If this is your first half marathon we'll keep it simple. If you simply want to improve your performance we'll add things like tempo runs, speed work, and hill workouts to your schedule. You'll get lots of great advice on things like injury prevention, nutrition, proper warm up and recovery, and strength exercises.  You'll also receive an awesome performance tech T-shirt and a chance at some fun prizes. Getting those long runs in is always the hard part so each week we'll meet and gradually build up our long runs together and come race day we'll celebrate and have a great time! 

Don't want to run the race?  No problem!  Come run with us anyway....get in great shape, make memories and some awesome friends!

*race entry fee for the half marathon is not included in IAS registration fee.


 TESTIMONIALS: I am so glad that I joined the I Am Strong Half Marathon Training Program! I was not sure when I started that I would run the half (this race also offered a 10K), but I wanted real training and skills to improve my running, and I got it! By adding on a manageable mile a week, and with great support and a variety of locations, Joanne got us to the 13 mile distance. Even if I never ran the race, I found out that I can do something amazing that I never thought I could, and made great friends along the way. Joanne is really great about goal setting and working to achieve them! Her constant support and energy and team building made all the difference! I would highly recommend the program for anyone interested in pushing themselves towards and past their limits! -Kristen, IAS participant 2/2013

After just giving birth to my third child, the I Am Strong running program helped me get back into running and back into shape. I've always ran for exercise, but never pushed myself more than 5 miles.  I loved having a goal to work towards and a group of women to do it with during those long and sometimes difficult runs each week.  Joanne is an awesome coach and helped a ton in preparing me for my first half and making it fun. I would definitely recommend doing this program. There are women of all ages and all paces that quickly become your running buddies and help you make it to the finish line.
-Krista, IAS participant 8/2013

View photos from our last Half Marathon HERE 


Who can participate: Beginners and intermediate runners who can jog/walk at least 3 miles or 30 minutes when the program starts. Please keep in mind that training for a half marathon is rigorous and requires a lot of physical training. you should be medically cleared by your doctor as needed. You don't have to be a Mom to join this program...just a girl! Minimum age is 18.

What do I bring: A decent pair of running shoes, water, towel,a  good attitude and some determination!

Next training session/Registration
Half Marathon ProgramProgram Dates Registration Fee

Del Dios Half Marathon Training program


Oct. 5th - Dec. 12th

Early Bird: $79 until 7/30

Regular: $89 8/1-10/5

Del Dios Half and Carlsbad Half 2 race combo training program


 Oct. 5th - Jan. 17th

EARLY BIRD: $105 until 7/30 

Regular: $119 8/1-10/5

The Details:

* This program is not affiliated with the Carlsbad Half Marathon or the Del Dios Trail Half Marathon.  It is an independent training program operated by Girls Running Strong, Joanne Olson LLC.

 **The program fee does not include the half marathon registration entry fees.  Participant must register for the race separately.  Most SD half marathons sell out, so register early You can register for the Carlsbad Half Marathon at:  and the Del Dios Half Marathon at .

Refund Policy: If within the first two weeks of the training program you feel that you can not continue with the program GRS will refund your pro-rated registration fee.  For example after attending 2 practices you decide that your knees are not doing well with the whole running thing, you'll receive the pro-rated amount of $71in the form of a refund.  After 2 weeks no refunds will be issued however you can request a credit towards a future training program. In order to receive a credit or refund you must notify [email protected] regarding your request within 60 days of the start of the training program that you have registered for. Credit towards a future training program must be used within 24 months of the original registered training program.

Check out some pics from some of our other training programs....

A little about me and why I run...

People often ask me why I run. I understand why they would ask this, I mean really….why in the world would a sane person pay a good amount of money to run a race that ultimately puts their bodies through such torture on purpose. Let’s face it…running is not exactly a fun, interactive, and social sport.  It’s tedious, sweaty, often boring, and sometimes painful.  For the majority of my daily life I am a mom, a wife, a volunteer, a business owner, the CFO and CEO of my household.  Life is busy and it’s very easy to get lost in all these worthwhile causes and consequently loose sight of who I am and what makes me ME.  Don’t get me wrong….these are all great things and I wouldn’t change them for anything but I am a big believer in the importance of time for yourself.  As I tell my husband…I need my “cup” to be full in order to give some of “me” to others.  So why do I run? Lots of reasons: I have to have a long term goal that I'm constantly working towards. I feel lost without one. I'm competitive and running is how I fulfill that need. It helps me to feel healthy and all cleaned out on the inside. It makes me feel like I can do something that is not so 'ordinary'. But probably the most important reason is that it is 'my thing'. It represents my independence and signifies something that I am doing to better myself.  When I am out there I am Joanne....not a mom, not a wife, but just me! It's part of who I am and that is sacred to me. Running and training for races fills up my cup so that I can be the best “me” for the people I love the most. It is my hope that through this program you will get a little bit of YOU back into your days and weeks making YOU a stronger and better person for both yourself and the people you love!

You can also learn more about my background HERE and what makes me qualified to help you with your running and fitness goals.

Feel free to read about my NY Marathon experience HERE for even more insight.

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