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We love Girls Running Strong!  We have post it notes all over the house with Abby's (misspelled) :) positive thoughts inspiring the whole family.  The positive impact of Girls Running Strong goes way beyond exercise - the girls learn about nutritition, goal setting, and positive "self talk" which builds character and confidence.  I recommend this program without reservation!



Girls Running Strong is unique in every way.  Coach Jo encourages each girl to challenge herself to do her best.  The emphasis is on health and self esteem... not purely athletics. Ruth thourougly enjoyed the program and I know this is the beginning of something great for her!  Thank you GRS....we look forward to the next session and beyond!




This has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.  She was supported in a positive uplifiting way by Coach Jo and her team to accomplish an incredible goal!  These life lessons are so powerful.  She took so much pride in Running Finish Chelsea's Run.  she learned alot about herself and that hard work pays off! She will never forget ...and I will never forget her sense of pride and accomplishment when she crossed that finish line.  Thank you!!!




Thank you coach Jo for inspiring and pushing Kylah to realize tshe is much more capable, stronger, and tougher than she ever knew.  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..." is our theme song around the house!  She loves seeing her body transform and the running helping her in ice skating.  She can't wait to do it again! Brooke, Parent


Girls Running Strong - Indeed! Watching the girls go from "this is too hard, I can't do this" to "I am so proud of myself...look what I did" is a special thing to witness.  I was so exited and proud of each girl during their race.  I'm so glad I was a parent supporter.  I'll never forget the experience and neither will my proud daughter.  We will do this program again!  Thanks Coach Jo!!  Becky, Parent


My daughter has grown stronger inside and out with Girls Running Strong. This was her third time doing the program and she loves it! Coach Jo is an amazing mentor who really gets to know each girl personally. Thanks Coach Jo!! Brenda, Parent


The Girls Running Strong Program taught my daughter that she can do anything she sets her mnd to.  Besides physical conditioning, the program stresses the importance of character and positive thinking.  Coach Jo is an excellent mentor and role model.  Thank you!! Jamie, Parent



Girls Running Strong has been such an amazing experience for my 11 year old daughter.  She now has more confidence and feels better about herself.  She understand the importance of making healthy choices and how staying positive will help her succeed in life! Sabrina, parent 



I highly recommend Girls Running Strong to any parent of a child that struggles with a weight issue or dislikes physical activity.  My daughter, Sammy, hated everything about cardio exercise, especially running, until we met Coach Jo.  Girls Running Strong taught her how to set goals, choose healthy food options and now she actually enjoys pushing herself physically.  Coach Jo does a great job inspiring the girls. She is a natural motivator and full of energy. Sammy made some great friends in the class as well. I can't wait for my younger daughter to sign up! Jill, parent



 My daughter has gained strength in both body and mind in this program.  She expresses confidence in her ability to push herself and to accomplish any challenge.  We love this program!  Thanks for everything Coach Jo! Nanci,, parent



Girls Running Strong was a great experience for Kate! She started off not very confident and ended with specific goals for the race! Coach Joanne really loves the girls and they know it! Kate performed for coach like she would never have done for her Dad or I! She proved to herself that she can do hard things! Great life lesson, for an 8 week session! Our Anna wants to run next time! Ammie, parent



My 9 year old daughter joined GRS to have fun with her friend and learn about running. While she did have a great time running, there was a bigger benefit from the program. Coach Jo did a wonderful job with the girls teaching them about setting and achieving goals, health and fitness, nutrition and life skills. They completed a 5K and learned a lot about themselves and what they can do when they set their minds to it. I would highly recommend GRS to any and all girls - big or small!! Kristen, parent of 2 GRS participants



Coach Jo and “Girls Running Strong” has been a great place for our daughter to begin her love for running. Coach Jo has encouraged our daughter not only to run but to be a proud and confident girl. We’ve seen our daughter grow over the 8 week program from the principles taught in the “Girls Running Strong” program. In elementary and middle school, PE classes just don’t look at running as a sport. Around the track once or twice a week just won’t cut it. Girls Running Strong fills that gap and more. Again, thanks to Coach Jo for taking the time and effort of giving to our daughter the tools to continue to excel in the sport of running and to be a strong young woman. We’d highly recommend her program. John and Heather, parents



We have encouraged our daughter to participate in several uplifting organizations, but none have had the impact of "Girls Running Strong". One of the most important aspects of a successful program for girls is having an exceptional role model. Coach Jo is everything we could hope for as an example for our daughter. She has already begun to instill a love of exercise and health laying a foundation of accomplishment and self esteem. Our daughter is proud of running a 5k, has a love for her coach and is self driven to continue with something great. We could not be happier to encourage our daughter in something we feel every girl needs so much. Few could do so great a thing the way Coach Jo is doing it.    Barry and Jennifer, Parents



Having a good running coach is just as important as a good pair of running shoes. Coach Jo has a vast knowledge of the sport from form and technique to injury prevention. She not only improved my capabilities, but my confidence increased as well. She has guided me through work outs and always encouraged me to do my best. Coach Jo is a dedicated and talented runner, she ran during her 3rd trimester of pregnancy!! I will never forget her enthusiasm and the passion she had that rubbed off on me. 

Taylor Miller, Former Rancho Bernardo High School Cross Country Runner


Fifteen years ago I decided to set a goal and run a half marathon. Joanne set
up a program for me to accomplish this.  It seemed so far out of reach.  I had never done anything that ambitious in my life.  She helped me set small measurable goals along the way and it made such a difference to have some one to hold me accountable and keep me motivated.  As I reached the last mile few miles of my 1/2 marathon I will never forget seeing Coach Jo as she joined with me to run thsose last couple miles.  I wanted so badly to stop running.  She motivated me with every step, encouraging me and even singing to keep me going.  It gave me a new spring in my step!  As I crossed that finish line tears ran from my eyes.  I waited all of my life to experience the feeling of accomplishing something this great. Since that life changing event I have embraced running as a lifestyle.  It does so much more than keep you in "shape".  Being a girl is such a wonderful opportunity yet at times can feel so very hard.  Learning to run has given me a healthy look at each day.  It is a time to meditate, a physical release, a chance to break free from everything else and get outside.  I feel better in every aspect of my being. Running with Joanne has had a large effect on my life and my success.  I know she has the talent, experience and passion to help these young girls achieve great things!

 Sonia Lodwick, friend


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